Brandy around the world

In 2017, products sold as ‘brandy’ amounted to 160 million 9-litre cases, or nearly 6 million hectolitres of pure alcohol.
The vast majority (around 80%) of these brandies are not made entirely from grapes and wine, instead using sugar cane.
On a global level, the term ‘brandy’ covers a multitude of products using different raw materials depending on the culture of the producing country, making it a generic name.

  • Made from grapes and wine
  • Made from non-viticultural raw materials

The global leader is ‘Emperador’ brandy, owned by a Filipino group and partly supplied by Spain

Name Country of origin Raw material Number of cases in 2017
(in millions of 9-litre cases)
1 Emperador Philippines Molasses/wine 27.1
2 Dreher Brazil Molasses 3.4
3 Old Amiral India Molasses 3.1
4 Paul Masson USA Wine 2.0
5 Mc Dowell’s India Molasses 1.7
6 Torres Spain Wine 1.4